El Salvador Mission

Pilgrim Lutheran Church and School El Salvador Trip

Come to El Salvador 2015!

If you have ever wanted to serve God on a mission trip, now is the time! Come with us to El Salvador, Central America July 31st- August 10th, 2015. We will be witnessing the dedication of a new Resurrection Lutheran Church in San Salvador, El Salvador. We will be able to meet Nobel Peace Prize Nominee Bishop Medardo Gomez and the leaders in the Lutheran Church of El Salvador. We will accompany the church in their work to resettle and feed refugees, help children attend school, minister with the homeless, and encourage our sister churches who raise Christian voices for human rights on a daily basis. This trip is open to all people. ALL AGES WELCOME, no Spanish knowledge required. Please take a look at the brochure below. You will find the application forms below as well, along with a document that contains the packing list and a sample fundraising letter.

Mission Trip To El Salvador
July 31- August 10, 2015

You Can Make The Difference!

Please watch this video: https://vimeo.com/78708393

This summer, experience different mission projects:

  • Give Medical / Dental Care
  • Serve in the Hope House Homeless Shelter
  • Bring God’s Love to Children
  • Visit rural congregations serving resettled refugees
  • Bring water & electricity to poor rural areas
  • Help in construction projects in schools, churches, and homes

This is also a great opportunity to learn and practice Spanish!

Trip Goals:

  1. Let Jesus Christ renew your faith. 
    As you join in the amazing work of resettling refugees with leaders of the Lutheran Church in El Salvador, you can also be inspired!
  2. Build World-Changing Friendships.
    So far in 15 years, these relationships have already helped

    • found 5 new congregations
    •  sponsor 400 school children
    • fund a homeless shelter
    • build many houses & 4 churches
  3. Help make a difference you can see this summer by collecting and delivering medical, school supplies, and computers where needed most.  Help build a church, give medical help, teach children, give food to the hungry and more.
  4. Bring home a life-changing testimony.  Open your heart to real questions about how to save lives from poverty.  Become part of God’s many answers!
  5. Relax for 3 days and nights in the beautiful tourist town of Antigua, Guatemala
  6. Learn and enjoy speaking Spanish!
  7. Pray and work together for everyone to have a safe and healthy experience!

Feeling interested or inspired to come along? Got questions?  Please call or e-mail us!

Pastor Kristian Johnson & Pastor Anna-Kari Langseth Johnson
Pilgrim Lutheran Church and School, Chicago
email:  revkristian@yahoo.com
phone:  (773) 990-0814

To find out about an exciting construction project:  www.buildresurrection.org